Popular Fencing Solutions for Your New Home

03 December 2019

Are you worried about the safety and security of your family? Well, fences provide effective security by means of preventing people and animals from entering your property. Basically, quality fencing can protect you from either someone trespassing onto your property, burglary, or even preventing your children from going outside of your property’s boundaries, for their own safety.

Popular Types of Fences

In different situations, and for various purposes, you need the right fencing solutions. To help those considering the types of fencing to use on residential homes, here are some basic kinds of fences available.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fence is a popular choice among many people. It does not only provide protection, but it also gives a nice curb appeal that can be customised to match the overall landscape of a home. Because of its unique properties, wrought iron fence is durable, with a superior rust resistance especially when maintained properly.

Timber Fence

Timber fences are an ideal way to mark the boundaries of your home, to distinguish it from your neighbour’s. It a traditional design that many people today remember surrounded their grandparent’s homes and is typically made of vertical wood. This style is still used by many homeowners due to its ambiance and classic style because it not only makes a home look good, but it also provides basic protection.

Tubular Fence

If you want a modern styled fence to surround your home, then tubular fencing is an ideal kind of fence to use. This sturdy type of fence is made of galvanized steel rods, instead of the traditional wood design. Because of this, it is more durable and lasts decades longer because it is rust resistant, specially treated with colour coating.

Decorations to the fence can also be used for additional protection, such as the tip of the rods can be made into decorative spikes, and these actually add an extra level of deterrent, protection and security. Another benefit of tubular fences is that it can be made taller than wooden picket fences can handle, because it is made of steel.

Glass Pool Fencing

Fences are an ideal way to prevent people from unknowingly falling inside of pools. Glass pool fencing is different because it provides a transparent barrier that you can see though, which is perfect if you have a house full of kids and a swimming pool in the backyard. It is also a great way to regulate access to your swimming pool by preventing children or unwanted people from entering and using it.

There are many cases where glass swimming pool fences have saved young children from entering pools unsupervised and drowning. This is the reason why pool owners are now required to install them around your pool because it helps to avoid the danger of children drowning.

Because fences provide protection and safety for your property and loved ones, it just makes sense to install the best. Fence A Million can provide you with high quality fencing of your choice. Contact us for your property’s fencing solutions, it’s easy, our staff is ready to entertain any questions you have about your fencing needs.